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Yaroslavskij zavod parafino-voskovoj produkcii, AO
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Yaroslavl Paraffin-Waxes Plant, JSC.

JSC "Yaroslavl Paraffin and Wax Production Plant" has been successfully operating since 2003.

The main activity of the company is the processing of paraffin-wax raw materials and the production on its basis of high-quality products necessary for enterprises in many industries.

The basic principle of our work is the unconditional fulfillment of contractual obligations. We take into account the wishes of our customers as much as possible regarding product quality, delivery time, transportation method, packaging option and form of payment.

Thanks to the availability of special equipment and our own laboratory, we can develop and manufacture products according to the client's requirements, as well as ensure that quality indicators comply with standards, technical specifications or the wishes of consumers.

We organize delivery by any convenient means of transport: railway wagons and tank cars, eurolort trucks and tank trucks, trucks and commercial vehicles. Due to the presence of a specialized vehicle fleet, we are able to deliver products to customers, as well as provide conditions for its warming up. Shipment is carried out throughout Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

We will be glad to see you among our clients!

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